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Flash Site : Cool 3d engine-work, weird site.

Ok, first off all, the exact purpose of this site kind of passes me. But the 3d engine it implements seems to be cool; although the performance issues do start after browsing for a bit. I’m just wondering how this … Continue reading

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Wanted : Good Flash 8 / AS2 developer for a cool project.

I’ve got a project lined up which I currently can not handle, because of pure lack of time. Let’s be clear, I’d love to do it. The job itself is really cool, it’ll be about spring systems, red5 communications and … Continue reading

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Flash 9 Example : 3d Landscapes (Voxel Engine)

This is something I’ve been wanting to put online for a long, long time. In fact; this is almost the exact same version as I had during the Flex 2 beta’s; it’s been that long (almost a year now!!!! damn). … Continue reading

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