The all-awesome FDT : 1.5 update released!

Today I managed to get part of my Eclipse install f*cked, it always happens when you can not use it. While fixing, I found that the people at have released the free 1.5 update to their Flash plugin, FDT. I know this is a bit late (3 days already…to busy to read up on all the news), but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Just a shameless plug for these guys : I’ve been working with FDT for more then a year now, and it is awesome for my workflow and really speeded development times (and the excellent intergration with MTASC makes that even compiling is fast and easy), and this free update certainly makes it even better then it already was.For anyone who doesn’t know what FDT is, make sure you check the site (which doesn’t get enough updates though! c’mon guys, keep us updated!). All I can say is; if you do daily AS2 development, one go with this plugin makes you never want to go back to anything else. If you don’t want to go out and spend the $200 on this awesome tool, FlashDevelop might be a good alternative.Got eclipse back up and running, back to work.

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