OT : moving to mediatemple's Grid Server (lite)…

After doubting for a bit and a call to Mediatemple’s customer service desk, I’ve decided to move to their new Grid Serve r setup. They’ve made it pretty easy, but tomorrow the DNS will be changed; I expect some downtime. Well, cross my fingers and hope it won’t be too much work to setup my movabletype install (this is a self-install, I’m not going to be paying MT 5.95 per month for it).If all does go well and quickly, I am looking at more storage space (was 2GB, GS will be 5GB), a higher data-limit (was 30Gb will be 500Gb) and hopefully, that thing I’ll need the most; more bandwidth.To be honest, I’ve been looking into dreamhost.com for a bit, and their offer looks pretty good. Jabber, svn, RoR, etc… I’m hoping the GS server will bring me the bandwidth; unitzeroone.com is pretty slow sometimes, and uploads at 30Kbyte/ps are pretty slow now-a-days; for now I won’t go through the hassle and stick with MT.

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  1. Tim says:

    You don’t need to have any downtime if you setup everything ahead of the switch. I’m also moving over to mediatemple and they give you a temporary url to use. I’ve been getting everything setup and once I finally change the DNS settings for my domain, the switch should be seamless.

    FYI, I’m moving from Dreamhost. The grid server offering at media temple looked really nice and I’ve been really happy with how much faster the new site is performing.

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