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The all-awesome FDT : 1.5 update released!

Today I managed to get part of my Eclipse install f*cked, it always happens when you can not use it. While fixing, I found that the people at have released the free 1.5 update to their Flash plugin, FDT. … Continue reading

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OT : moving to mediatemple's Grid Server (lite)…

After doubting for a bit and a call to Mediatemple’s customer service desk, I’ve decided to move to their new Grid Serve r setup. They’ve made it pretty easy, but tomorrow the DNS will be changed; I expect some downtime. … Continue reading

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Flex 2 : Adobe autocomplete component memory leak.

As I told before we are doing a pretty big Flex 2 project currently; great fun, and Flex is great. Yesterday we stumbled upon several memory leaks in the application (it’s still in development, and many things are not final, … Continue reading

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