Nice, nice, nice : video aggregator site.

I’ve got a big Flex 2 project coming up for somewhere in the very near future. Since we started preparing for this project (which I’ll actually be naming ‘x’ from now, you’ll be hearing more) we’ve got alot of valuable input from Waldo Smeets; but today’s “did you see this for inspiration?”, which I got from him, is just, well, too cool!

Paule Neave did an awesome job on; it aggregates videos fromn blip, google and youtube and plays them all; while giving you control through a small panel in the bottom; it kind of functions like that thing you had in the old days for that thing that was in the living room; err…the words I am looking for are remote, and tv. Is this online video revolution creating a new generation of couch desk potatoes ?

Check it :!

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  1. mark holes says:

    flash 8 realy cool :)

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