Impressive Flash Demo & even more impressive FP Driven Desktop

Just back from thailand, and as expected there’s alot of stuff lying around needing to be looked at. But I couldn’t wait with posting these little gems.1st is one I found was released at the Assembly 2006, a if not ‘the’ demoscene event of the year. Lookup demoscene on wikipedia if you are confused now, but in short, for the noobz : very skilled programmers, designers and musicians bundle their forces to create the ultimate winner demonstration of tech, style , eye and ear candy, hoping too win in their chosen category. These categories change per ‘party’, but main categories are demo (the main event), 64k (demo’s with a maximal size of 64kbyte), 4K (same as previous, just in 4kbyte), wild(might be video, might be web, or mobile, console like xbox etc.),graphics, music, oldskool graphics, music, tracked music, or with the larger ones these categories might be more refined. Assembly is one of these events where there’s multiple competitions. One category which has been emerging at several parties in the last years has been ‘web’. Anything running in the browser goes most of the time, this means javascript, Flash and Java. Flash used to be very unimpressive, but this years assembly spawned a very cool winner, the nr1 entry is actually a Flash intro.As I’ve been posting several effects the last year, these effects mainly came from my past as a demoscene enthousiast, and a background in programming on both C64 and Amiga machines. (Who hasn’t typed his first lines of code in BASIC 2.0 anyway ? ). The winner demo at Assembly sports some of the same effects, although executed differently. The realtime mandelbrot zoomer in as2 is very impressive speedwise. I just miss some oldskool 2d bumpmapping effects ;-) .Have a look yourself : “Who killed Travolta by Evo Flash and Bombsquad”After you’re finished looking at that demo, go and run over to and check out their insanly cool online/take anywhere/web2.0 desktop alternative.Features which impressed me : file storage (uploading mp3 files will make them available for playback anywhere you log in too), working MSN messenger clone, working email ‘program’. And all that running on top of the Flash Platform. Although still in beta, this stuff is very impressive already. I was surprised about how quickly I found myself feeling comfortable using the environment.I’ll be upping some new source files and demo’s for AS3 / Flex 2 / Flash 8, as soon as I find time to finish them up.

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  1. Jalava says:

    Who Killed Travolta is AS3.0/Flash 9 Alpha

    We also released the synch engine used with that as open source, check it out at


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