Flash Player 9 & Flex 2 live and final!

I was just talking with someone on my msn, who was asking when Flex and Flash would be released. I tried to send him to the public beta download, since a little bird told me that 9,0,16,0 would be the final version, this was also the last download available on the public beta download page. Turns out that both Flash 9 Player and Flex 2 have gone live.

I’ll go into details more later, but these releases are very important, in several ways, but will hopefully become the milestone in RIA development and deployment they deserve to be.

Congratulations go out to all the development teams at Adobe working on these products! Great work guys!

Go to the pages :
Flash Player 9 product page
Flex 2 Product page

I was kind of slow, since this already happened yesterday. Yesterday I was wayyyy to busy to look up either MXNA or any flash platform related site. Still am actually, but let’s just look at the Flash 9 / AS3 preview for registered Flash 8 Pro users.
Flash 9 / AS3 Preview on labs.

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