Adobe Live 2006 – Back from Day 1

I just got home from day 1 at Adobe Live (yes, in the Netherlands it’s drivable almost anywhere…no hotel & conference this day). Yesterday it became about 5 o’ clock in the morning after preparing the last stuff for the presentation, so I was a bit tired and chaotic today. A couple of things happened to make that 5 o’clock happen. First of all, I found that suddenly my subclipse plugin in my standalone Flex 2 Beta 3 install, suddenly did work. Secondly….if you checkout stuff to your workspace….be sure to make sure you are sure that it’s for sure the right place your checking stuff out too. ‘nough said. Well. After getting that mess sorted, I got some horribly weird errors from my Flex 2 environment, ruining my prime demo (a Media Player in Flex 2, totally skinned, and with almost all prime Flex 2 features working). It took me a while to figure the problem out. Turns out the wrong checkout did something to the project file in that directory. Got that fixed. Then I wanted to make sure my mediaplayer had a cool fullscreenable visualisation. Alas, 5.

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  1. Waldo Smeets says:

    The app was really cool, make sure to post it on your site when you’ve finished it :)

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