Flash 8 Example : Oldskool 3D multilayer tunnel using DisplacementMapFilter

A simple but effective Flash 8 effect. This is part of a bunch of effects I am going to release as soon as possible. It should be a familiar effect to anyone who has been in contact with the demo-scene around 1990-1996.
Turns out it’s pretty easy to do using the displacement map filter. In the old days they used to create 2 lookup tables to do this trick; one transposing the pixel’s original x to a radial point (or any transform in that case), and one transposing that pixel y’s to a ‘depth’. Although this effect would almost alway run on any platform, doing this effect pixel by pixel proofs to heavy for the flashplayer, as betaruce showed to us earlier. Mikko (one my colleague’s at Satama) took the time to explain this effect to me in detail, and the possible added tricks, and in the plane to Denmark (where I am right now) I figured a displacement map is exactly the same as these 2 luts, so using the displacementmapfilter is just as valid as using per pixel LUT’s. The only issues compared to the original method would be that you can’t do that much with the depth (like lighting etc) that easy. But the speed proofs fenominal using the displacement filters. I am still playing with this, so no sources yet, but I will release them this week. Click the preview image for the example.

Endorphins (thomas [at] mediawar.com), provided the music (Endorphins-Tamin’ textures-”Tile based worlds”) for this little demo. Thanks again Thomas!

preview picture of tunnel effect

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6 Responses to Flash 8 Example : Oldskool 3D multilayer tunnel using DisplacementMapFilter

  1. felix says:

    awesome! looks like the credits for ‘doctor who’

  2. Intoxo Pox says:

    Nice effect. Looking forward to the source.

  3. flashaddict says:

    Another cool demo! Looking forward to see the other effects you’re talking about.


  4. barnstar says:

    wow, i would love to know how that was done, fantastic stuff

  5. Hi,

    Very cool! I’ve been playing around with DisplacementMap to get perspective texture mapping, but I ran into a problem.

    I’m trying to get the filter to wrap around my source to get a tiling effect. So I have a, say, 50×50 source bitmap and a 500×500 displacement map.

    But then the filter only creates an output of 50×50, not 500×500. Do you know of any way to get around this (except tiling the source into a 500×500 intermediary bitmap, which seems wasteful)?


  6. hades says:

    Amazin effect ! I know that it’s old but if can post the source, I would be glad to take a look at it

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