Live : Huge Flash 8 / Flash alpha video site : Yeah!

Yesterday evening, I had the honors to upload the final (translates into : “the house of tommorow”).So, what is this ?We (Satama Amsterdam) were asked to do Flash development for this project by Draft Worldwide, working with them to develop this site for Dutch Telco KPN.As I can remember from our first meeting (which is some time ago now) their objective was : a highend flash interactive video soap on the web, to promote the multiplay products of client KPN. State of the art, with high quality (video, etc) all written over it. The shooting of the video’s on itself was a huge production. I think video quality reflects the effort which has been put into this. There’s about 20 minutes of (alpha channeled/keyed) video material intergrated within the site. Then let’s not forget the amount of audio, rendering, set dressing, design and coding this thing has included, it is huge. Admittedly, the high quality affects bandwidth/performance, graphical quality was one of the first things in the priority list of our client. Flash 8 alpha channel video is indeed very heavy, as Tinic Uro noted in one of his notes on Flash 8.I was involved as a teamleader (flash development team) and Flash coder for Satama. This thing has been alot of work, but great fun, and we are all very proud of it by now.Hopefully, the making of will come online one day.Although al companies involved are to be found in the credits, I would like to thank alot of people in person for cooperation on this, and this seems to be the place to do it. Thank you Vincent, Dagan, Hanneke, Eddy, Sander, Peter, Elvin, Dirk, Mikko, Hans, Ini, Guido, Jos, Stef, Allard, Hugo, Hemmo and anyone I might have forgotten.Credits :Concept & Design : Lowe & DraftFlash Development : Satama Flash FactoryFilm Production : Monkey RepublicMusic & Sounds : Freshbeat3d Moddeling (doors & rooms / house renderings) : INDGGraphics & Moddeling : LouterI’ll post some more on the tech of this thing later; expect some more updates here again!

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11 Responses to Live : Huge Flash 8 / Flash alpha video site : Yeah!

  1. The Mad Duke says:

    Nice Job!

  2. Laurent says:

    I take my cap of for you guys…

  3. CPMMUG says:

    Congrats of the GREAT work. A fantastic example of Flash 8′s use of video. Will there be an English version released so I can appreciate it even more?

  4. @Laurent & The Mad Duke : Thank you.

    @CPMMUG : I know that subtitles were on the wishlist for another version, but I can not promise it will be there. Localisation of all other things should not be too hard, since this thing takes all (I mean all) it’s data from XML.

  5. ubi says:

    pizza bakker???
    good work, guys


  6. garry says:

    This is amazing! congratulations. Out of interest what is the minimum spec PC/Mac is this designed for?

  7. Wow!

    A product like this makes me proud to be a Dutch developer! Great jobs guys!

    See you soon!

  8. Pete says:

    wow, amazing work..

  9. Sander says:

    One royal bow for Ralph.

  10. @Garry, well I mac wise I would not go below G4. I tested it on a cube, and it ain’t pretty. The specs are pretty much reliant to what the flash video codec is doing. I’ve seen it run close to smooth on a 1Ghz P3 machine, and that’s pretty much the lower boundary spec wise. Elvin (one of my colleagues at Satama) has done a great job in cropping and optimizing the video’s for usage in the Flash player, which made performance go up…alot.

    @Patrick : Thanks…meeting up at the next MXUG I saw ?

    @Pete : Thank you!

    @Sander : No, thank you, and the rest of your team for the opportunity to work on this project. On our side, as said…Elvin, Dirk, Jos & Mikko all did an amazing job!

  11. great work! very nice use of video. the openining sequence, the first 30 secs of using the site was done especially well.

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