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Spark Cubic Panorama's

After my last post I just remembered never posting these Spark 2005 Panorama’s made by Aldo; There’s one pano in there made during the session martijn (he’s obscured by the enormous screens on the presenters desk though) and me … Continue reading

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WOW! Gouraud shading in Flash 8 & Panorama's

My previous post about Gouraud shading in Flash 8.5 was incorrect. Because I was to lazy to kewbee’s plugin switcher (

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Wow! Flash 8.5 / AS3 3D : Gouraud Shaded, Z Buffered Texturemapped Torus.

It’s friday night. I should go out, but I’m in the end-run off this big project I’ve been talking about lately, which means I am preparing to put in a weekend of work. But, as always friday night you should … Continue reading

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