Running Flash on XBOX 360 : update 1; DIY & who created the player ?

Happy New Year, visitor ! I’ve just decided on getting myself a “new years present”. It will be a XBOX 360, coz’ it actually does run Flash, as this thread on now states. ;-) The people at have put up a wiki on how to create your own homebrew Flash Files, and how to get them up and running on your XBOX 360. I’m sure the XBOX community could use some help on how to create swf’s for this Platform. The thread also makes note on the fact the player runs 6, but is missing the 6 event model, essentially stripping it down to 5, could someone create a version of ACK / FLEM or J:ACK for the modders at XS ? ;-) As far as legalities go; no, it isn’t legal to run this content for your XBOX, since it modifies compiled binaries, but who’s stopping you from creating a Flash project, or releasing a compiled swf ? The exploit that enabled you to do this has been created by the people at Microsoft, as you could read in my first post on this subject, but who created the player?

Several posts in the thread point out that the player is extremly buggy, and seem alpha. JD commented on my last post and noted that there hasn’t been any official communication on the release of this player from Adobe. Well, isn’t that interresting? We’ve got a sub-release-quality player, and no official reports by Adobe. Maybe I’m going to far on the speculation that MS have ported/created their own Flash Player for the XBOX 360? ;-) Let’s delve further into this theory….

Technically seen : CPU; the architecture of the 360 is in it’s core PowerPC. OS; The XBOX 1 ran a stripped down NT kernel, not sure about the XBOX 360, assuming something alike. I do think XNA implies some involvement of a NT kernel, but I might be way off here. One thing I’ve noticed on this is that I have not seen a Flash 6 compatible player for NT/PowerPC before. Since Zaphod (FP 8.5) would probably be easier to port to this platform, why would MM port this bad excuse for a Flash 6 Player to the XBOX 360 instead of compiling an early alpha of one of the newer players ? I have been playing around with the Nokia 7710; my primary reason to play around with it was the Flash 6 Player it has onboard. It’s pretty stable, but has some quirks, and is surely stripped down a bit (no XML socket support, no working commserver features). It was released when the “normal” version of the player was up to 7. I’m pretty sure MM had some hand in the creation of that player. This would lead to the assumpution that the quality of the 360′s player isn’t a fool proof clue as to who’d be the actual creator of that specific player. But as the reports on the Flash Player for the 360 go; the player crashes, and has weird implentations of FSCommand, getURL and XML to communicate to the XBOX 360 Live API. Further more it has the ability to start playback of WMA files on the hosting platform, and it loads font in by loading the .ttf files, to be placed in the folder of the .swf. And why would it be a port of the 6 player ? Surely, the XBOX 360′s 1 Teraflop CPU should enable the use of the more cpu intensive calculations to be done by any Flash 8 BitmapData Filter ?

On another account; Microsoft’s Sparkle has been creating some waves within the Flash community these last months. Obviously, Sparkle seems like the future “Foe of Flash”. But here we are, seeing the Flash Player being deployed in a hurry to enable the development of casual games for MS’s flagship gaming and entertainment platform, the XBOX 360. Does this tell us anything about the direction Sparkle is going ?

This is all highly speculative, but I’d be happy to get some more news on this, but damn, it’s interresting. If anyone has any news on this more then what the forementioned sources are reporting on, please, keep me posted.

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  1. This is great news!
    Another good reason to buy one ;)

    For the ones who don’t know yet, Sony’s developers are considering adding Macromedia Flash support for PSP’s Web browser. That would be better I think, to play Flash games on a PSP.

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