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Preparing for Spark 2005

So, only a week left, and Spark Europe lifts off! I really feel like it, not just the session I’ll do together with Martijn, but also meeting everyone out there. Kind of curious how many people are showing up from … Continue reading

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Flash 8.5 : Bitmap Class slowing down pixel operations?

So, I finally found some time again this weekend (in between flights) to play with AS3/FP8.5 (I even started playing a bit more with Flex 2…love it…). Anyway, I am doing this little thing I’ll hope to be posting later … Continue reading

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Flash 8 Example:DisplacementSmoke Source

I was reluctant to post the source of this one, because it was very sketchy, but since alot of you requested it, I’ll just post it. Here you go! Tweet

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