UnitZeroOne : Life signs after Spark Amsterdam.

First off all : thanks to you all that came to our (Martijn and Me) session at Spark. It had been a blast to do it. Although preparation turned into last minute work again, we both felt comfortable on the topic, so I guess all went fine. I’ve been getting some pretty nice responses from visitors, which is very nice indeed.
The conference itself has been great, and I’ve been meeting lots of great people. The OSFlash dinner @ Spark was cool, much better then the 4 people showing up at MAX. I guess it was about 35 people.
Unfortunatly (or not, actually), I was, and am very busy busy with client work, so I haven’t found any time to make a decent post about Spark, or any uploads related to either Spark, or my part of the session. I had to leave early on friday, so any of you who I haven’t said any proper goodbye too, and who know they deserve it : “see you soon!”

I’ll be uploading & cleaning up in the coming week :
Spark pictures (taken on my cell, but decent quality).
Spark source files (clouds, feedback, mandelbrot)
“that video I still had to do”.

Anyway, come back later this week, and I’ll have some stuff to download for you.
For now here is a screenshot of the opening demo & other demos we used at Spark (and Flash 8 Launch actually). This thing is entirely scripted and fully 8! Thanks to Niko for graphics, Thomas for music and Ubi for “catering”.

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