Flash 8.5 Example : Mandelbrot-set Explorer (fasssttt)

So, I have done some work on creating a very simple Mandelbrot-set Explorer. For the ones who don’t know what a Mandelbrot is, just click around, and look at the nice computer generated pictures. I implemented a very simple colormapping routine too. It is probably the most common one, it takes the number of iterations (which I maxed at 255 in this compile) and looks that up in a colormap table. The colormap itself is generated with the help of the .perlinNoise function.

It’s not very flashy at all, but it was only made to test the speed of 8.5. A long long long time ago I did a mandelbrot plotter in Flash 4, I can remember it taking about 74 seconds before it was finished with a very low-res picture. This picture is 512×384, and at most plots I don’t get more then a second of rendereing time.
I’ve polished a bit, but not alot yet. Will do some more work later (this month), and eventually release the source.
Remember : you need Flash Player 8.5 to look at this content. The player comes with the Builder.
I have also found something weird with int / uint. The iteration counter in the mainloop was set as an int. Since it might as well be a uint, I converted it, resulting in about 6x longer rendering times, ending up 18x longer. Weirdddd….

Take a look : Mandelbrot-set explorer

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10 Responses to Flash 8.5 Example : Mandelbrot-set Explorer (fasssttt)

  1. Every time I try to run it I get a requester asking to install Flash Player 8 though I got it long installed! It seems then to install but the Flash doesnt show at all! No prob in Firefox but happens in IE.
    Any Idea?

  2. Nevermind just saw it needs player 8.5! Mental note: first read, then post!

  3. Ralph says:

    Sacha, are you sure you have the 8.5 player in IE too ?

  4. Elvin says:

    gotta see it to belive it, incredible work =D

  5. Paul Neave says:

    Superb – I’ve seen so many Mandelbrot sets in Flash before and they’ve always been mind-numbingly slow. This is just how it should be!

  6. ben says:

    well, ive done it with flash 8 before…
    its of course slower but nevertheless ;)



  7. Ralph says:

    Looks good ben! I suggested rendering more lines on the y axis, or make something of a thread which allows loops to run as long as one frame lasts? It’s not necessary on the 8.5 side, but in 8 it could mean major improvements.

  8. ben says:

    jep youre right ralph, i could go on and improve the rendering speed, i just dont see any use for it :-)
    i mean its a nice eyecandy but nothin more, so i dont investigate further.
    flash is just (even with 8.5) way too slow to start sth cool with the fractals. eg. like rotating the fractal in 3d space or combining several fractals with different colorschemes at runtime… the time will come, in 10 years probably :-)

  9. David R says:

    It’s fast compared to F8, but still nowhere near something written in native code :)


  10. I still got some tricks up my sleeve to get it faster. Tricks though. As fast as native….it will never be that with a JIT compiler, but it proves pretty fast in Flash terms.

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