Surprise presentation at dutch MM usergroup (MXUG). + (promised ppt and links)

Tonight was the MXUG (the dutch MM usergroup) night. One of the planned presenters couldn’t come, we heared of this kind of last minute (the reason why was also last minute, so this isn’t a stab at anyone, just to be clear). Since not that long I am a member of the management for MXUG, so we quickly went brainstorming with the team on how to fill the time and keep it usefull for the visitors. It was decided that Martijn de Visser, Owen van Dijk and me would try and fill the gap by doing a session on FP8.5 / Zorn / Flex 2 / AS3, or any of this topics we could prepare enough for in an hour’s worth of time (can you actually?).

The well organised & planned presentations went very smooth indeed…
Mark de Jong (sorry about the name confusion, the adrenaline made me fumble) of Netmasters did a enlightning session on MediaServer, and the guys of “Park to Play” showed how to turn in to turn a normal car in a giant joystick (4 people slamming with the car’s doors to play one shared game of Tetris? Insane, but funny!) They did all the menu interfaces in Flash..

Owen got in to some major troubles with his install of the alpha, and an unstable laptop, so he decided to pass on this one, which took out the part about E4X he had prepared. It ended up in Martijn and me doing both a separeted “mash up” session on FP8.5, and Zorn/AS3. Martijn took the crowd deep into the new player / AVM2 and AS3 (and showed some pretty pictures of anaheim along the way ;-) ), and I had the easier job off showing how cool Zorn and AS3 are. I think we did about 2% of what we had seen on MAX, and some personal experience, but there’s just too much to tell on these subjects (guessing we filled up about 45 minutes). It ended up in both doing a much longer session then we expected, but the audience was very cool and understanding, and I think it went well, under those circumstances.

Really like to thank Franto for letting me show his conversion of Andre Michelle’s pathfinding demo.

If you’ve been there last night, let me know what you thought, just keep in mind what Martijn and me did was totally improvised. ;-) Here’s the powerpoint I used (1 slide and in Dutch, so don’t bother, hehe), and here are the links I mentioned.


Franto’s Collected Links
Sho Kuwamoto’s Blog
Tinic Uro’s Blog
Macromedia Labs

Hope to see you all again there next time!

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  1. Franto says:

    You’re welcome, i’m glad that my conversion has helped you on presentation :)

  2. Franto says:

    and please my address rather to (on main site there is nothing important :)

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