2 New Flash 8 Examples : Displace Smoke & Displacement Spheres (+Source)

These two are made some time ago, originally ment for the Dutch Flash 8 launch event presentation I got to do. I did showed both at the MXUG Flash 8 presentation.

Both coded as examples (no shiny, bling bling code, just some mashed up stuff) I figured Displacement Spheres was good enough to post the sources from(it’s not a total mess). The experiment in this one is not to see if any sphere like displacement was possible, we knew it was. The fun I had with this one was trying to create a DisplacementMap to do this in code. My first attempt was a displacement map created with get & setpixel(), which worked out kind of slow. The drawing API can approach an almost perfect form of this, so I opted for this one in the end.

Displacement smoke was mashed up in an hour or so, I needed to have a small displacement expressiveness example.
The image in the smoke displacement is Niko’s, check out his stuff, and buy a T :)

Displace Spheres-Download Source
Displace Smoke

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6 Responses to 2 New Flash 8 Examples : Displace Smoke & Displacement Spheres (+Source)

  1. This is amazing !!!


  2. I promised you an email, but I’ll hoop this will do.
    Could you please add the displace smoke source.

    Thanks a lot for another fascinating meeting and keep up the good work!!

  3. jeanphilippe says:

    yes ! nice ! it’s a good application of DisplacementMapFilter. I’ve working on it to and made few examples on my blog

  4. Broman says:

    Thank you Ralph for the inspirational demos in Amsterdam last week! I’ll get right to dissecting the spheres :)

  5. Muyideen Odenike says:

    I can’t resist this but I have been trying to find a site that will more insight as to how to use PV3D and your by far has done a fantastic job. So many thanks for my corner.

  6. Alon says:

    looks great. the link to source of the displace-spheres doesn’t work
    can you upload it again.


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