Fluid Dynamics : AS3 Source Code.

Here you go, have it. As you can see it has been kind of a straight conversion (actually; Processing -> AS 2 -> AS 3). Whenever I’m done with doing all the other stuff here, I’ll try and make it into a proper 8 vs. 8.5 benchmark demo app, which will let me do some work in Flex 2 also.

Download file and unpack in your Flex Directory, I guess.

Update : Do not unpack it in your Flex directory. Unpack it anywhere, and the import as a project from within Flex Builder 2

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3 Responses to Fluid Dynamics : AS3 Source Code.

  1. Andreas Weber says:

    Very cool and amazingly fast – thanks for sharing!

  2. e_s_jp says:

    Thanks your sample source!
    I made the sample of AS3 Fluid from another approach.

  3. Japanese fan says:

    I am not good at English. I’m sorry.

    There is not already a file.
    Will you upload a file once again?
    I ask.

    I always read. Is useful; thanks for the input.

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