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Grant's FP8 memory leak find : Is it there in FP8.5? Confirmed.

Grant has posted his find of a memory leak in the FP8 player. Basically, when creating BitmapData objects within a function as a local, the BitmapData object is kept in memory, instead of being disposed off in full by the … Continue reading

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Surprise presentation at dutch MM usergroup (MXUG). + (promised ppt and links)

Tonight was the MXUG (the dutch MM usergroup) night. One of the planned presenters couldn’t come, we heared of this kind of last minute (the reason why was also last minute, so this isn’t a stab at anyone, just to … Continue reading

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2 New Flash 8 Examples : Displace Smoke & Displacement Spheres (+Source)

These two are made some time ago, originally ment for the Dutch Flash 8 launch event presentation I got to do. I did showed both at the MXUG Flash 8 presentation. Both coded as examples (no shiny, bling bling code, … Continue reading

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